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If we stopped wasting people’s time, what would they do with it? We have no real concept of what is possible.
Eric Reis, The Lean Start up

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Jason Fried on why working in an office can be unproductive

You may think you’re getting more accomplished by working longer hours. You’re probably wrong.

In the early 1900s, Ford Motor ran dozens of tests to discover the optimum work hours for worker productivity. They discovered that the “sweet spot” is 40 hours a week–and that, while adding another 20 hours provides a minor increase in productivity, that increase only lasts for three to four weeks, and then turns negative.

I remember a guy in one company I worked for who used the number of divorces in his group as a measure of its productivity. Believe it or not, his top management reportedly considered this a valid metric. What’s ironic (but not surprising) is that the group itself accomplished next to nothing.

"Stop Working More Than 40 Hours a Week." by Geoffrey James

I’ve seen studies that show that knowledge workers do better with 30/35 hours per week … will try to dig that up.